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Legacy Planning ServicesWe explore each client’s goals and counsel clients on the identification of issues and the design of the plan. Our expertise comes from our focus on home health planning, assisted living planning, and nursing home planning.. 

Legacy Planning Services, essentially fall into one of the following categories:
o Traditional Planning –
Wills, Health Care Proxies, Living Wills, Power of Attorneys, Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trusts.
o Modern Planning – Each of the following has unique challenges that require special attention. Single people, unmarried couples, blended families, and planning for pets.
o Long Term Care Planning – Pre-crisis planning pertaining to protection of assets from Nursing Homes and ensure eligibility for Medicaid if needed.

Plus, we help in the process of securing the right help and having the right legal documents to take care of a loved one. 
o Asset Protection Planning – We advise clients and help them design strategies to Protect of assets from the Government, Taxes, Lawsuits, and Nursing Homes, divorce, bad business ventures and predators.
o Business Succession Planning – You’ve worked hard to build your business.  We can guide you through protection of your business interests and ensure that you have an effective plan in place to continue business if a key person becomes incapacitated or dies. There are number of strategies available and we will work with your CPA or financial advisor to explore tax efficient options to either sell your business and minimize taxes or transfer it to next generation and to preserve their financial security.

• Medicaid Qualification – We analyze each prospective applicant’s unique situation regarding Medicaid Qualification and provide a detailed asset protection recommendation.  When the time is appropriate (it’s always better to pre-plan), we prepare and submit applications to the Alabama Medicaid Agency.  We not only provide all required information, but we respond to inquiries from Alabama Medicaid related to both institutional and community Medicaid applicants.

• Special Needs Trusts / Guardianship / Future Care Planning – Planning is a must when beneficiaries of a Trust or Will include individuals are disabled and/or
incompetent.  Even a small, but well-intentioned, gift or bequest can disqualify a disabled or incompetent person from receiving critical assistance.

• Probate – We handle all matters related to the submission of Wills to Probate (or other appropriate court), including Letters Testamentary, Appointment of Executor and administration of the estate.

• Trust Administration – We advise Trustees on redistribution of trust assets after the death of the grantor to establish post death trusts in accordance with Trusters’ wishes.

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